Show Volunteers

Each year the NERHA puts on 3 shows, this would not be possible without the dedicated services of our volunteers. Our volunteers are a critical part of running the shows and without them the gate would not open, your score would not be announced, the ring would not be dragged, our show office staff and judges would go hungry and there would be mass chaos in the barn when people started picking out their own stalls!

Lucky for us there are those that keep things running smoothly but they cannot do it alone. Volunteers are always needed for the little things like taking ribbons out of boxes to more significant things like dragging our ring.

We know you are out there willing to help; we know that if we walk up to you and ask, you'll say "sure"; we know that you don't do it for the glory (really there is none); we know....the problem is we don't have time to ask each and everyone of you.

Please check in at the show booth to volunteer at a show. Thank you!

NERHA Volunteer Opportunities

  • Show Booth Aide - help to unbox ribbons and trophies; setup and breakdown the office; aide to the Show Secretary and Announcer.
  • Judges Aide - you are the go to person for the judge (coffee, food etc.)
  • Scribes - the scribe volunteers by classes and must be available for the whole class; the judge will dictate the score verbally to you and you must "scribe" that onto the score sheet and relay that information to the announcer.
  • Gate Keeper - This person is responsible for opening and closing the gate for each rider; checking the back number of each horse; making sure the next three horses in the line-up are visibly near the gate. We would prefer to have our volunteers by class but will also work with you for specific time slots.
  • Drag Operator - The drag operator must have some knowledge of tractors and equipment. Because this process is critical to our competitors you will be trained prior to dragging for a class.
  • Youth Parent - The youth of the NERHA are our heart and soul; they help with everything! We would also love to see their parents volunteering when possible.
  • Stall & Camper Counter - At each show the NERHA is charged for the number of stalls and camper spaces that are being used. If you can count and walk at the same time this is for you.

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