Sponsorship programs are a great way to show your support for the NERHA. General, Banner or Division sponsorships are what help to make our shows a great experience for our competitors!

To support the NERHA you can now donate online using PayPal. Select the amount that you would like to donate from the drop-down list and click the "Add to Cart" button below. PayPal is a secure site and you do not need an account to donate online.


2016 Platinum Sponsors
Bill & Martha Hollister
2016 Division Sponsors
Dennis Tito Masters Non Pro
2016 Six Shooter Sponsors
C.W. Wiley Custom Saddles Non Pro
Custom Bits & Spurs by Ray Maheu Limited Open
JK Ranch Supply Prime-Time Rookie
MDS Farm Youth 13 & Under and Youth 14-18
2016 General Sponsors
Angel Smith General
Bryan Penquite General
Cindy Bryden General
Crystal Farm LLC ~ Frani & Jim Simmons


Diane Digioia General
Elite Custom Saddles General
Fletche's Sand Blasting & Painting, Inc General
Jillian Bass General
Jim Johnson General
Kim Friedgen General
Lesllie Ryall General
Lisa Boon General
Liz Scovill General
MaryLou Legacy General
Ray Belle General
Robert Anderson General
Susan Feldman General
Treas Horse Trailer Sales Banner
2016 Ride-A-Reiner Sponsors
Bryan Penquite Clinician
Dan Sanborn Clinician
Samantha Silver Clinician
MDS Farm Facility
Carrie Austin Reiner Sponsor
Darlene Deptula-Hicks Sponsor
Dennis Tito Reiner Sponsor
Lauren Sanborn Reiner Sponsor
Joanne Hodges Sponsor
Joanne Sanborn Sponsor
R.J. Pierce Reiner Sponsor
Rick & Nancy Jenny Reiner Sponsor
Scott Richards Reiner Sponsor
Teri Sanborn Sponsor
Tracy Proctor Reiner Sponsor

General Sponsorships

The NERHA asks that all families consider making a $100 donation to the Association. This money is used for the administrative costs of running the NERHA.

Banner Sponsorships

Fee - 3' x 5' Banner prominently displayed at all horse shows.

$ 250 New
$ 200 Renewal

Individual Class Sponsorships

$65 Plaque Award
$135 Pewter Trophy
$240 Morrison Bronze Trophy
$360 Lawson Bronze Trophy

Aged Event Sponsorships

Is there a business, or stallion that you would like to promote? Consider sponsoring one of our aged events (Derby, Futurity or Maturity). Sponsorships range from added money, trophies and/or prizes. Full sponsorship of any one of these aged events will also provide you with the opportunity to name the event. Contact Frani Simmons at 978-360-2595 to discuss the opportunities that are available to you.


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